Hypnotherapy and Meditation

Hypnotherapy is gentle, relaxing Behavior Modification treatment that provides a powerful and effective method for creating lasting lifestyle changes. This holistic approach is often referred to as personal and professional self-improvement. 

In simple language, this is Hypnotherapy. Cissie Pryor's psychiatric, hypnosis and professional nursing background specializes in areas that do not always qualify as medical or emotional/mental disorders . In the scope of health care services, these are some of the major things that most of us struggle with from time to time... things like anxiety, a serious desire to kick a habit like smoking or over-indulging, weight loss, increased job or sports performance or sometimes just dealing with plain ol' day-to-day stress. Cissie can work with past-life regression, chakra rebalancing, spiritual re-alignment and relaxation. Unlike psychologists and MDs, a Credentialed qualified Hypnotherapist may be one of the few experts specifically trained to work primarily with these types of lifestyle issues.
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