Most of our massage clients at Living Health come in for our particular combination/style of massage. Whether you prefer a lighter touch or a heavier pressure deep massage, our goal is to provide you with an hour to an hour and a half of completely stress-melting, send your mind to la-la land massage. As you zone out on the table listening to some beautiful ambient sounds in the background, we'll use long slow Swedish massage strokes to completely zone you out. Then, as we find areas of tension in the body, we naturally break out into a deeper tissue therapeutic mode to relieve you of those “knots” and “sore spots”. After a few moments of this serious work, we resume that slower, “send you out to the stratosphere” technique. Benefits of this approach include better circulation, improved mobility, relaxation, and an improved overall sense of well-being. Ahhh, we guarantee you will absolutely LOVE our massage.

Whether you’re seeing one of our highly sought after Interns or an LMT, At Living Health Day Spa the entire staff has the experience and ability to deliver serious results with a variety of massage therapy modalities. From Deep-Tissue/Sports, Relaxing Swedish or Prenatal Massage, whatever your needs, we'll leave you feeling Great... All Over!
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