Aromatherapy Consultation and Kit

Aromatherapy Consultation and Kit

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The Aromatherapy system of treatments at Living Health combines Cissie Pryor’s unique methods of massage with the natural power of aromatic essential oils to beneficially affect the body, mind and spirit.  This incredible experience in well-being for the client is designed to help the client use essential oils for a deeply satisfying experience. Cissie is highly skilled in the following ares of aromatherapy:

  • “The Basics of Aromatherapy” – Introduction, history, distillation, profile & working with aromatic essential oils.
  • “Customized Blending” – Physiology of smell and absorption. Limbic, lymphatic, immune and integumentary systems including the interaction of essential oils on both physical and emotional levels.  Creating personal blends with the intention of body  application of aromatherapy treatment.
  • “Integration With Bodywork – Aromatic Application & Technique” – Enhancing massage therapy with aromatherapy using specific massage techniques and specific aroma essences to achieve a profound sense of peace.  Potential aromatic applications for a variety of ailments, Addressing common complaints that affect the seven systems of the body & knowing when and how to utilize essential oils in the phases of healing.

Aromatherapy Consultation & Kit Combo

Everything you need to get maximum benefit from your essential oils! Our complete aromatherapy kits include the custom blend of oils recommended in your aromatherapy consultation, as well as any inhalers or misters you may need. Your kit also includes recipes for bath salts using your oils and a massage oil blend made with jojoba oil you can use at home or at the spa during your next massage. Kits range from $20 to $50. Get 35% off when you purchase your kit during your aromatherapy consultation.

Full Consultation and Kit $79.00