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Hypnotherapy is gentle, relaxing Behavior Modification treatment that provides a powerful and effective method for creating lasting lifestyle changes. This holistic approach is often referred to as personal and professional self-improvement. 

In simple language, this is Hypnotherapy. Cissie Pryor's psychiatric/hypnosis and professional nursing background specializes in areas that do not necessarily qualify as medical or emotional/mental disorders . In the scope of health care services, these are some of the major things that most of us struggle with from time to time... things like anxiety, a serious desire to kick a habit like smoking or over-indulging, weight loss, increased job or sports performance or sometimes just dealing with plain ol' day-to-day stress. Cissie can work with past-life regression, chakra rebalancing, spiritual re-alignment and relaxation. Unlike psychologists and MDs, a Credentialed qualified Hypnotherapist may be one of the few experts specifically trained to work primarily with these types of lifestyle issues.

Hypnotherapy Session

A 90 minute hypnosis session typically involves a short Q&A to discuss areas of interest or difficulties or habits and desired results. After a thorough assessment, we undergo a wonderfully relaxing session utilizing a variety of Relaxation and Hypnosis techniques which enable you to master your own results and achievements. You'll come away from the session feeling ""Renewed and Refreshed"".
Cissie Pryor has been a practicing Hypnotherapist and psychiatric R.N. for the last 30 years and achieves excellent results in areas of anxiety, pain reduction, performance enhancement, smoking cessation and a host of other issues that people struggle with on a day to day basis.

90 minutes $159.00

Hypnosis Follow-up

Although usually not necessary after an initial consultation, some clients do decide to come back to discuss other issues or preferred outcomes. As we are already familiar with each other and the process, these sessions are quicker and easier for most client. Please allow an hour to relax, unwind and unload.

60 minutes $99.00